As we stand here in June of the year 2020. It’s been some crazy times.

It’s a crazy time for the world right now.

If you told me in June last year that in 12 months time we’d be in a worldwide pandemic lockdown with riots happening all over the world and tens of millions of people affected.

I’d have told you – That sounds like a cool movie.

But – Here we are.

Alas, The lockdown has gave all of us a lot of time on our hands. (Unless you’re a key worker, in which case I salute you).

But for the majority of us – We’ve been given more time. We’ve been furloughed from our jobs, we’ve been told to stay inside and we’ve effectively been told to pause for a while.

Here’s the thing though…

In stillness, comes thoughts, comes evaluation, comes problem solving.

These are all things that we don’t usually get the chance to do in the normal, busy, loud lives that we have.

If you’re like me – You’ve been doing all the above.

And I feel as though your circumstances, your circle, your colleagues and your friends/family around you may fall into 1 of 2 different categories.

You’re either in – Or you’re in the way.

Let’s say you’re currently working on a goal.

It could be –

  • Losing weight
  • Getting fitter
  • Studying a degree
  • Starting a business
  • Going for a promotion
  • Learning a new skill

These are all very personal things that mean a lot to us. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it means a lot to those around you.

If you’re currently working on one of the above. I want you to analyse the groups mentioned. Friends, family, colleagues and so on.

Figure out ‘Who’s In’ – Who is supportive of you. Who is helping you achieve these goals by making things easier or giving you encouragement and the support that you need.

And then… Who isn’t?

Who is negative, Who ridicules you on your goals, who thinks what you’re doing is stupid, never going to work and always tries to put you down?

An easy way to identify those people are – Do they drain your energy?

Do you feel weighed down when having to interact with that person?

If so, Then they are in the way.

A difficult decision we have to make in life is to analyse those around us.

If someone is in the way of your goal you can do one of two things.

  • Minimise the interactions with that person.
  • Eliminate that person from your life completely.

My advice is – If they’re family, option one may be your only choice. But if they’re ‘Friends’ or colleagues – Then it’s option two.

Is it harsh? Is it too much?

I don’t think so.

I think it’s too much that they’re willing to suck away at your energy, deter you from your goals and then try put you down on things they aren’t or can’t do.

Your analysis of self only goes so far.

Your anlysis of those around you goes even further.

Eliminate the unecessary from your life and minmise those you can’t.