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Wendy Brown – Senior Coach/Fitness Manager

Martin Barret – Regional Manager

Lauren McLuskey – Coach


Welcome to SGF Gym. A gym of normal people is always how we describe ourselves. At SGF – We cater for all walks of life. From complete beginners to those who have exercised their entire lives. 

There are no egos – no posers and nobody to make you feel intimidated or insecure about your fitness journey. 

You’ll be greeted with a smiling face at reception, helped throughout your workout journey and invited to many of our community nights and fitness events throughout. Our staff are always on hand to help you along the way. 

Our main objective is to help you get results, build confidence & knowledge and ultimately to allow you to make exercise a lifestyle that keeps you fit, healthy and happy. 

Every member of staff in our fitness centres and also our management are not only highly qualified but come with a wealth of knowledge, a background within the industry and a vast range of life experience in doing what they love to do.

So step inside and you’ll experience an environment that’s actively different from all the rest. You’ll be encouraged, inspired, and made to feel right at home.


When joining, we offer a full host of beneficial services with our comprehensive package. In your initial membership consultation, you will have a full assessment carried out by a fully qualified member of staff. 

From time to time, we bring through guest speakers & hold seminars in venues from everything on exercises, nutrition, lifestyle choices and many more, all of which are fully inclusive with your membership.

As a member you are able to participate in our Challenges we have in the centre and also become part of our team for some of the national challenges that we routinely participate in. This can vary from repetition challenges to weight challenges all the way through to climbing mountains. There really is no limit to the diversity that we offer!