‘I’ve never liked exercise’ – Is a phrase that we’ve heard time and time again when a lot of people join the gym.

The real statement should be that you’ve never found a type of exercise that you like.

One of the great things that lockdown has done is made people try different things in terms of fitness.

Those who never liked walking before are now out getting the steps in – Those who are never one for functional or bodyweight workouts are now trying and experimenting with them.

And it turns out – A lot of people like things they never knew before.

A lot of the time when it comes to exercise and health and fitness. It’s not that you don’t like it – You’ve either never tried it or you’ve just never found a style that you like.

At SGF we always try and look for a couple of different things –

  1. What do you enjoy? You might not enjoy weight training, or some people might not enjoy cardio – But there’s an answer to that question when you’ve been exposed to it.
  2. What is sustainable?
  3. What will get results?

This is how we programme workouts, training routines and goals for people.

Find out what you enjoy be trial and error then programme towards that.

If you’ve always just been on treadmills before, you’ll have no idea if you like free weights or machines… And vice versa.

But there is an answer for which you actually enjoy.

It’s just a case of finding it.