So as you can imagine – Here we all are. We have been hit with this worldwide virus. Places are closing down, lives are changing forever, economies are plummeting and the world is effectively being turned upside down…

BUT – It’s not all doom and gloom.

As I don’t know if you’ve noticed – But I’m quite a positive guy…

Here’s the thing.

All those workouts

All that pushing yourself weekly and trying to get fitter, stronger, better

All those good foods that sometimes you didn’t like so much at the time

And all those supplements, pills, vitamins, minerals, proteins, creatines etc that you bought.

Now is the time where this pays dividends…

You have put yourself in the best possible position for a time like this.

You see, 37% of the UK have never worked out. 37%!!! That’s wild to me.

That means more than a third of the people in Britain have never exercised in their lives. Which also means – Bad dietary habits, low immune system and the potential for poor health.

Viruses – Such as the current Covid-19 virus LOVE people who have low immune systems, it loves people who are unhealthy and unable to defend themselves. Viruses are effectively Bullies. And shit ones at that – because they’re not intelligent.

Whereas – They HATE people with good immune systems, people who are healthy and fit and active and therefore the least vulnerable.

NOW – This is a part of living a healthy lifestyle that you NEVER even thought of. Most people, Including myself, train because they want to be strong, lean, look good etc.

When someone asks you what you’re training for – You don’t respond – ‘To develop High Immunity in a Pandemic’. If you do – Chances are, You’ve got more to worry about that the Coronavirus!

But that’s the thing – Before you begin to doubt yourself about the chances of getting the virus etc etc.

Don’t downplay your hard work you’ve already put in to develop your bodies immunity. You’ve done well, you’ve done the best possible things.

And now when you’re looking at your weekly workout routine – Have the understanding of the OTHER benefit that you never used to think of!