We’ve realised now that when it comes to our health – we cannot rely on anyone bar ourselves. 

Our government in Scotland opened the pubs, gave you half price off your McDonalds – but didn’t care about the gyms. 

They took no consideration to your physical and mental health and really emphasised the stereotype that Scotland are an overweight beer drinking fried mars bar eating country. 

Due to this – it’s up to us to take care of ourselves. It’s up to us to take a stance and up to us to make sure we keep our health in check   

I want you reading this to be very understanding of this being the case. 

Look at the stats – look at the figures. Based on what the government are doing for you – isn’t working. 

Obesity is on the rise. Heart attacks, strokes and diabetes is higher than ever. 

All you can possibly do is take action. 

Rely on nobody else to look after your well-being. Physical or mental. 

Set plans, set goals and structure and take action. 

Be thankful that you can go to the gym and get a workout in – for you. 

If it was left up to anyone else – it would be an afterthought. 

Don’t become a statistic.