This is a phrase that I hear all the time when people join the gym. 

They wish they started before. 

My favourite saying is – the best time to join the gym is 10 years ago… the second best time is now. 

The only constant is that you know that you should do it. 

How many times have you put it off in the past. How many times have you sat down and thought okay I’ll do it tomorrow or next week – tomorrow never comes. 

The hardest part for people is getting through the door. It’s understanding that you need to take action and go do it. 

Time keeps ticking and the clock keeps moving whether we like it or not. 

But the key is that we do 3 things –

Understand it 

Address it 

Action it 

Too many choices in our life are halted by our inability to take action and move forward with things. 

So if you’re reading this just now and you’ve thought about joining the gym for a while – my advice is take the first step. 

Do it. 

Take action. 

Message a member of our staff. Email, call – do what you need to to take that first step. 

Your future self with thank you. 

Don’t wait for tomorrow – because tomorrow never comes.