I’ve spoke many of times before about being built for the winter. 
About being able to handle the crap times and not be phased by them. 

With the UK currently on lockdown – guess what. We are in the crap time. 
It is officially winter right now. 
What do you need to do? 

1. Be able to get through it. 2. Stay positive regardless of how hard it is to try and be. 3. Occupy your time. It’s times like this that can drive people to go stir crazy. Especially those who suffer with mental health issues. Now can be a challenging time. 4. Understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will get out from this and life will soon go back to normal. 5. Plan for normality again. All industries that you know of are currently on their knees and the economy has dipped. But it will boom once all of this is over. Get ready for that. 

The best way for you to think about this just now is that it’s winter. You’re being battle tested and your mind is being tested to see how tough you really are. 

You survive this – you survive anything. 

Remember, when tough times come up in the future just think. 
At least it’s not lockdown!