It’s easy to begin building physical muscle. But it’s harder to build that mental muscle.

Unless you have the tools to begin with.

As it’s been stated before – It’s better to learn from other peoples mistakes than to make your own.

This is also the case when building mental strength.

If you are able to tap into stories that give you perspective – Such as biographies of war and biographies of those that have been through hardship – You’re on the right track.

But sometimes though – You just have to begin building it yourself.

Get rid of the theory and go through the practical.

Times in which live has been tough.

Times in which you’ve had to dig in deep and not listen to abuse, hate, doubt, worry and had to take the highroad for your own self.

Those times begin to build that mental muscle.

In the process of gaining mental strength – this too passes on to the physical.

I’ve watched many endurance athletes go elsewhere mentally and pull the ability to allow them to carry out a physical feat. All from starting in their mind.

I’ve seen my own self go from a deadlift feeling heavy to tapping into my own mental strength then coming back and pulling it off the floor with ease.

Don’t underestimate your ability to build mental strength and be tested.

Without being tested you will never grow stronger.

And by having a stronger mind – You will be able to accommodate a stronger body.

Everything starts with the head first.

Be Headstrong .