When you’ve been hurt so much that there is nothing else that anyone or anything can do to you in comparison then you need not fear anything in life. You feel you have nothing to lose as you’ve been emotionally beaten to the very death through whatever circumstance. This is the most harsh type of pain that you can experience as a human (as we all know emotional pain is way worse than physical pain, right ?). When you get to that stage in your life the mentality you can bring to the table when going after your goals will be unbelievable. A lot of the reason why poverty stricken countries excell in sports as they have nothing to lose. They have already been to the lowest of the low and are fighting their way back up. Once you get to the very bottom of the barrel and have overcame all the trial and tribulations of life and have been emotional torn apart there are no reasons for you to fear anything in life. A lot of the time you will find that once someone has went through this only then does he or she begin to really go for it and get after their dreams because they know there is no need for procrastination, if you could get the mindset of someone hungry that has lost everything and everyone close to them in their life you would be shocked. But also driven, driven more than you could ever think about being in your life.

Go get it or die.


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