Training with injuries can be a really hard part of the whole process. The whole process being the journey of carrying out a healthy lifestyle of eating right & exercising.

Injuries can be disheartening & leave you feeling low. And no matter how much you think it, there’s never a good time to get injured. Timing is one thing, and it always happens just as you begin to cover good ground with your training.

The number one thing to do when you as soon as an injury occurs is – Do not let it dishearten you. Even the greatest get injured, professional athletes at the top of their game get injured. Footballers, boxers, Olympic athlete all incur an injury at some point throughout their career, but they are able to work through it, work around it and progress from it.

By carrying out the same principle, this allows you to do two things –

It allows you to train smarter

It allows you to grow mentally stronger.

Those are both attributes that can only be taken in and learned throughout time & consistency of pushing your body to a new level.

Listening to your body is a wonderful attribute to learn & really focusing your workouts based on how your body feels is something that can only be learned through years and years of training.

If you pick up a minor injury throughout training, exercise different muscle groups. By not recruiting the specific muscle or body part that is injured, that allows your body to rest & recover while still allowing you to exercise & produce calorific expenditure.

If you pick up a serious injury through exercise, you should firstly seek medical attention, begin the recovery process via either rehabilitation or surgery if required.

But then you should also do something different –

You should let your injuries make you stronger, you should use your mind, your bodies most powerful tool to really take over and allow yourself to plan the comeback, allow yourself to realise that you will come back stronger, you will come back better than you could have imagined, and there is no limitation towards what you can really do with the injury you may have had at one time.

Because no matter how many people tell you, you can’t, no matter how many people tell you it cannot be done. The only person that really matters is you, the only thing that really matters is what’s in your mind.


And the only thing that really matters is…


How Bad Do You Want It ?


Andrew McGee

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