Never ever look at yourself and be unhappy. You can look at yourself and realize that you may have to change some things but being unhappy ? No way ! You are THE only version of you on this planet. There is only 1 you ! Out of the size of the world, how vast this rotating piece of rock is that is situated… Basically in space.

YOU are the only version of yourself that is present in it.

And for that reason – You are amazing.

Unhappy with your body, okay – you can change it.

Unhappy with your hairstyle – okay – you can change it.

But you as a person, when you look at yourself in the mirror – Never be unhappy.

Be thankful, be grateful and realise that when it comes to something as simple and as external as change ?

YOU have the power to do it.

Be happy, Be proud & Be Amazing

Andrew McGee


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