Everyone always has the same phrase they say as they get older… “If only I knew then what I know now.”

That’s something that we all have on our minds during certain times as we would be in a completely different position if it were a reality. So what would your life really be like if someone with say 30 years of life experience had instilled that in you as a child ? We all try and give each other guidance but what would it be like for human evolution and intelligence advancement if we could truly provide a chip of knowledge into a child. We wouldn’t make the same mistakes and would be able to progress quicker. Or is it a better way for the future generations to just continue to learn as they go along in life ?
Personally I wouldn’t mind being as savvy and intelligent as I am today say about 15 years ago. It would be an interesting position to be in. As a kid, you never seem to believe or understand what parents are saying to you when they give you the phrase “You’ll learn as you get older”. The majority of the time that phrase isn’t pertaining towards knowledge that you learn from information, its more directed towards life skills that you are taught by living. It’s interesting as a human the amount of things that happen throughout your life that you can learn from, even subconsciously. We learn from heartache, physical pain, knowledge blunders and so on and so forth. Continually refining ourselves as people and continuing to update and progress our brain and minds throughout our life. So in essence, you could say that you are not getting older, you are just getting better (My favourite line).

For me at this stage in my life with the limited experience in life that I have the advice I would give a kid would be –


1. You are going to experience something wonderful beyond your wildest dreams, something that will cause you to experience every emotion that your body has to offer, every chemical and endorphin that your body can release will be expressed throughout one point in your life. Buckle your seat belt and hold on for the beautiful ride.

2. You are going to experience some of the greatest heartache you can ever imagine, emotions that will bring you down to the very pit of your being. This is unfortunate and nobody wants to believe it. It is devastating, but you will cherish moments, learn from it and progress.
3. Appreciate the present – Live for the moment. Even in your darkest times, durations of your life that you think are the very worst and you just wished it would pass.You will look back and cherish those moments, you need to appreciate every single part of your life. Every single day should be embraced to the maximum and whatever you do in life, give it 100% or none at all.
4. Create your own destiny – Your life is your life. Whatever makes you happy in life, do it. Don’t work in a job you don’t love, don’t be in a relationship with someone that you don’t love. Don’t let yourself get stuck in situations that is not you. In life – DO YOU.

5. Be a good person – The greatest feeling that you can experience in life is being happy. In my opinion the true meaning of life is happiness. Just think of the power you posses as a person, the ability you have to make someone else happy. When someone accomplishes something in their life – job promotion, newborn child, sports accomplishment, they are happy. If you can make someone feel even a fraction of that for a moment in their life, that is a wonderful thing that you have control over. Being happy and making other people happy makes you happy. Period.
6. Think positive – Bar the biological advantages that thinking positive has, I truly believe that in thinking positive you will create a positive environment and life around you. Face it, wouldn’t you rather be happy than be sad  ? Then it all depends on the mindset that you create for yourself from the moment you wake up in the morning till the moment you go to sleep at night.

7. Be humble – Be humble or life will humble you. I’m all for confidence in life and people thinking the best of themselves, I believe everyone should think of themselves as unbelievable people as long as they take others into consideration. Everyone has the same power as anyone else, it’s just all about attaining it in the beginning. When you sit back and think about life it truly is mind blowing, but as well as sitting back and thinking about it…

Get out there and live it, make this one really count. Look back over it in the end and watch over the greatest movie ever shown.

Andrew McGee


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