A Positive friend or atmosphere brings you just as much love and joy as a relationship with girlfriend/boyfriend. The feeling that you get when you are texting each other or laying with each other gazing into each others eyes and telling each other you love them is about the same as you get when you have joyous people around you smiling, complimenting you and telling you positive things to steer clear of the negativity. In a relationship there is a feeling of love and life seems to be amazing, the negative things that are small don’t seem to matter when you are with that one person. Surrounding yourself with positive people and positive friends gives you that same feeling, endorphins rushing, life seeming to never end with an endless amount of possibilities.

Steer clear of negativity. If you let it become a part of your life or your circle then it will drag you right down the vicious cycle with it.
Think of it as poison. The cure ?… Is positive.

Things will go your way. As long as you stay positive.


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