Everything to do with training involves numbers. Number of reps, rest between sets, distance covered, time taken to complete workout, numbers on scales, amount of calories consumed. Everything to do with health and fitness involves numbers in some way.

A lot of these numbers stem from training goals – be it a target weight drop, body measurements, bodyfat percentages, target lifts when resistance training or target times/distances when doing cardiovascular exercise.

I, for one, am wholeheartedly in favour of having set goals in place when training. They give us something to strive for when it gets tough – a set marker which we have dreamt about in our head and need to arrive at, no matter what.

But there can come a time when we get bogged down by these goals, all of these numbers in our head or on paper that we are desperate to achieve now seem impossible to reach. At times like this it may be worth taking a step back, and looking back on how far you have progressed in your time training, and remembering why it is that we started training in the first place – it’s fun!

Running is fun, lifting weights is fun. It may not feel like it at the time, but our body enjoys these experiences. So next time you feel like you have hit a brick wall and are getting nowhere with your training, train for fun.

Put on your trainers and training gear and step outside and start running somewhere. Don’t choose a destination you want to arrive at, don’t look at the clock on your way out the door or wear a watch. Just run wherever you feel like, follow your instincts when deciding which corner to turn. If you feel like walking for a while, do it. If you feel like flat out sprinting, do it. Most importantly, do what you feel like – enjoy yourself! There’s a reason children run everywhere – it’s a million times more fun than walking!

Similarly, if you prefer to resistance train and are feeling like you are getting nowhere, step into the gym and train whatever you want to train. Don’t worry about rep ranges or certain weights you need to be lifting and just train for feel. Get that feeling back that you had when you began your training regime – and you’ll find that you will return to it more invigorated and determined than ever to achieve your goals.


Get the love back in training !


Martin Barrett 

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