A little look into the things I do to make food preparation easy and, more importantly, tasty. This allows eating healthily much easier to sustain in the long term – if you actually look forward to your food.

Have a look below at my super simple stoo (stew) recipe…

  • Get 500g diced meat

  • Get 1 litre of beef stock

  • Get 500g-1kg chopped vegetables

  • Add them all to slow cooker and leave it alone all day – filling your home with that beautiful stoo smell!

  • P.S. I’d be the first to admit it doesn’t look too appetising, but give it a chance people!

Bonus Blog – Finally… Perfect Rice! (Every time)

I am a genius! I have came up with a foolproof way to get perfect rice every single time! None of this rice pudding stodge you’ve all been dishing out.

(Only kidding, my brother sent me a link to a YouTube video and I tried it out)

But anyway, try this method below for perfect, fluffy rice every time. (serves 2)

  • Add 1 mug rice, 2 mugs boiling water and some cooking spray to a pot

  • Bring to boil with lid off

  • Once boiling, turn heat to low and put on lid – leave for 15mins – never EVER remove lid!!

  • After the first 15mins, remove from heat but leave lid ON!

  • Leave for another 15mins with lid on but off heat (so 30mins in total) and then…

  • Perfect rice!


MB x

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