Monday (Fast)

Weigh in this morning. 70.1kg

Looking to consistently sit under 67.5kg and still make strength gains.

Had about 1000kcals today, mostly from protein

Tuesday (Feast)

Think I might have unearthed the greatest eating strategy of all time!

Wednesday (Fast)

Soooooo hungry!!

Thursday (Feast)

Heavy deadlifts today, went great. Approaching a lifetime PR hopefully in a few weeks!

Friday (Fast)

Not strictly a training day today but decided to add a 15min circuit –

Kettlebell swings x 10
Hanging leg raises x 10
Press-ups x 10
Pull-ups x 10
(x 5 rounds)

Eating-wise, found it okay today. I like the mental switch of being in ‘fat-burning mode’ to being in ‘muscle-building mode’.

Saturday (Feast)

Abused my buffet privileges at a family event – the dangers of feast day. Still kept my calories to under 3000kcals. Struggling to get enough food in on Feast days after 500g of fruit, meat and vegetables earlier in the day.

Sunday (Moderate)

Breakfast – turkey bacon, eggs, wholemeal toast and some fruit (wish I’d taken a picture)

Had about 2000kcals today

Think Sunday might be my favourite day, where I don’t feel pressured to not eat a lot or very little.



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