The biggest misconception is that you are able to eat unhealthy foods and strike up a balance by doing extra cardio.

This is NOT the case.

By doing extra cardio –

Will you burn additional calories ? Yes.

Will you burn additional body fat ? Yes.

Will you prevent heart disease brought on by the harmful substances included in your junk food ? No.

Liver disease ? No.

Need I go on ?

You cannot out train a bad diet.

I’ll say that again to make sure it goes through…


What you put into your body matters. A hell of a lot.

For you to possibly burn all of the calories that you consume from the junk food you are going to eat you would be doing cardio for days. Doing extra cardio does not make up for it. Period.

Find an alternative towards your “junk” food or schedule in a cheat day. If you are going to eat junk then you need to take responsibility for it. Offsetting it against cardio will not work.

Dictate your diet, don’t let it dictate your life…

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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