This is a blog pertaining to an article I’ve came across recently.

“The 30 day squat challenge”

Now… Here is my disclaimer.

The 30 day squat challenge is great if it motivates you to go from inactive to active in order to challenge yourself to 30 days worth of working out. Great !


The 30 day squat challenge is unlikely to get you the behind that the woman on the picture has. She did not get this through squatting for 30 days.

She got it through –



Hard work

A varied workout routine

Good genetics

If your goal was to look like her after 30 days… Then I’m sorry but you may have been mislead.

For one thing, you do know that if you are in a caloric surplus, i.e eating more than your maintenance calories to maintain your weight then you will be putting on weight and building muscle right ?

Squatting for 30 days + A caloric surplus = A bigger ass… To put it bluntly.

So for those that are on day 10, day 15, day 27 !… I think you may want to read this.

Reevaluate your plan, come back with a revised one… And also a nice clean diet.

For those who are doing the challenge and have been inactive before, GREAT ! Keep going at it. Seriously, get through the 30 days and hopefully it has given you the motivation and drive to begin working out and bettering your body.

After your 30 days, you will be able to come at it with a whole new approach and obtain some REAL results.

Knowledge IS power… When applied correctly.

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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