SGF Complete Membership

SGF Complete Membership


What is the ‘SGF Complete Membership’?

The SGF Complete Membership provides something a bit more comprehensive than just a normal gym membership. 

Our complete package offers not only full access to all our SGF Gym membership benefits but also the benefit of Personal Training. With a Complete Membership, you also have the added bonus of 4 x 30 minute Personal Training Sessions throughout the month. This will not only help keep you motivated in times where you may feel lacking that little bit of energy, but also push you on and keep you in line with your goals!

The Complete Membership also allows you to book additional Personal Training sessions at a Discounted Rate. Complete Members can book additional Personal Training Sessions (1 hour) at a discounted rate of £15 per hour. 

Is the ‘Complete Membership’ right for me? 

The Complete Membership is great for those who may be currently lacking motivation and struggle to stay on track with training and dieting. If you feel as though you would benefit from upgrading or joining to our ‘Complete Membership’ package, feel free to contact a member of staff to find out more.

How much is the ‘Complete Membership’ ?

The SGF Complete Membership is £50 per month payable through direct debit with the first month being paid in a cash or card payment. Each additional PT session added to the month can also be paid in card or cash at reception. 

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