An update on the current status of Mark Westbrook.

Destination – Sydney Australia.

Walking – 90%

Gym in Australia – Joined.

Lifestyle – Fantastic.

Motivation and desire – Most definitely.

7km run – Right around the corner.

So far with speaking to Mark back and forth since he landed in Oz his degenerative arthritis is better than it was. With his walking back to around 90%. He is able to do some treadmill work again. Beginning with 1km and taking it an extra kilometer each day to build back up. He is able to do upper body movements like press ups and such and has now joined a gym over in Australia… Despite it being quite a pricey membership the main thing is Mark is now training !

Keeping his diet clean is easier than expected over in Australia due to it being such a health conscious country. In his last message Mark told me that he was going out for dinner and having Fish and vegetables which was a plus. Eggs, protein shakes and tuna salad have been a staple in his diet so far.

Due to the temperature being around 35 degrees we have spoke about upping the water intake to around 4-5 litres a day as there will be a lot of sweating going on especially during workout.

Mark has went over the 7k track and had a look at any inclines or dips etc and seems confident with the race. I look forward to hearing his progress and keeping you all informed.

For a guy that was out of breath running for the bus in June to a man that is going to run 7k… It’s game time baby.

13 days…

Andrew McGee

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