Mark - The diet coke seems like a good concession since I don't do anything else at all that
's bad for me. By the time I came back (for my protein shake) I had become more resolved to 
go after what I want. My friend could already see the difference in me and btw that's me at 
16.6 today, that's 9lbs total.

Noticed a couple of things:   1) I find it very hard to get training into my days I will have
 to schedule it from now on. 2) you could replace the peanut butter with actual shit and I 
wouldn't tell the difference :P

Energy levels are back to normal.

Mark - Andrew, this is really weird, but I have had one training session but my arm muscles 
already feel... Different?

Andrew - Time management is the key for fitting in workouts, especially with a schedule like
yours. The peanut butter will begin to grow on you ! Haha. And I like that you have scheduled
to train tonight, in order to achieve something there is always some sacrifice. Good call on
the energy levels, your body is adapting. Your arms feel different as in ? Harder ? 

Mark - Harder yeah. Already!  That's bizarre.

Andrew - With the correct mindset, this awesome diet plan and training regime and your hard 
work, these changes will be happening more and more. Love it !

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