So it was time that I got my first workout in with Mark. After 47 days of him following the workout regime and diet plan that I provided him It was time to see what was going on at the gym when I was not around !
I met up with him at his office and we went over some of the new exercises I was going to give him to incorporate into his routine, we spoke briefly on the set up of the gym and what he had be doing so far. I then signed up for a day pass online and we headed off to the iron asylum. Upon arriving, this gym had a futuristic feel to it as I entered a pin and walked through doors that looked as if they were designed for NASA ! I was impressed and taken aback.
The gym seemed fairly quiet for the Sunday evening with only a few other people in at the time which was a plus for us both. We headed over to the free weight area while I had a look around the gym, scoping out equipment, weights and cardio equipment. Even with the futuristic feel I got when walking through the door, the gym had a nice “warehouse” feel about it with the mechanical and electrical still on show missing a ceiling.
Here is how the workout went –


Arnold Press – 4 sets 12-6 reps

Side laterals 3 sets 20- 10 reps

Front barbell raises 3 sets 12-8 reps ← SLOW


Standing barbell 3 sets 12-6 reps

Concentration curls 3 sets 12-8 reps

Hammer curls 3 sets 12-8 reps

35 minutes Cardio

With each exercise I was making sure Mark was going to failure, while also joining in on the workout myself. Once I could see that face of exertion I knew we were working.

The workout went very well and after showing Mark some new exercises for other days from his new regime I then left him to complete his 35 minutes of cardio on the treadmill.

Leaving the gym feeling pumped with my arms and shoulders popping out of my t-shirt I knew that it was a success for us both.

Stay Strong.

Andrew McGee

Zero 2 Hero