our inner wimp is something we can all relate to.

We all have it, we all struggle with it and we all want to find a way to overcome it.

Basically, what your inner wimp is, is your minds excuse to be lazy and not go after what you want.

It the bodies excuse to do nothing, take it easy, go after goals tomorrow, start Mondy and so on and so forth.

The only thing is – The people who actually manage to get anywhere in life are actually the ones that can conquer that inner wimp.

The real pain in the ass is that – it’s always there.

It doesn’t matter how successful you become, how disciplined you are – The wimp will always be around.

So how do we beat it…

Okay, So we know that it’s always around and always going to be there, the only thing we can do is manage it.

Here’s some easy tactics for it –

  1. Have a to do list – A ‘To Do’ list is one of the most important things you can do to begin offsetting the wimp. By having this list, you’re showing intent and structure. The wimp doesn’t like that, it likes a lack of planning and no real guidence. Don’t let it go to it’s comfort zone.
  2. Understanding that your time is vital – With the tasks you have – Make sure there is time constraints beside them. For instance if you have a task that lasts 30 minutes – As soon as you begin that task. Start your stopwatch, do not let that tasks last any longer than the desired time. The wimp can creep in at times and pull you away if you have no desired time blocks.
  3. Start simple – If you have a number of things to do and it seems overwhelming. Go for the low hanging fruit first. The concept of motion and taking action is equally as important as the concept of doing. If you ‘Get the ball rolling’ so to speak, then it’s easier to build that momentum and roll onto the bigger tasks when the little ones are done.
  4. Exercise – This seems like a logical one but many people forget about it. If you BLAST through a good 30 minute workout regardless of what you’re doing. The wimp will leave the building. It’s that simple.
  5. Reward blocks – Have work blocks and have reward blocks. If you work hard for 90 minutes and get 5 big tasks done. Take 30 minutes break and go play a video game or read or eat or show or anything! Just don’t work in that 30 minutes. We humans work well on a reward based system. Take advantage of it.

So there you have it – 5 solid points for you to use to combat the wimp.

Next time you feel it coming on – Implement one of them.

And I promise you that he’ll go running from your mind and not want anything to do with you!