Your first hour can either make you or break you when waking up during in the morning. 

Are you grabbing for your phone right away? Check emails, messages, socials, WhatsApp and seeing what you’ve missed over night? Your heart rate goes up as there’s important emails you need to deal with. You’re frustrated and startled right away because you know you need to do things? 

This will then take over your full day. By waking up in panic and worry you’ll carry on your day that way. 

And that is NOT a habit that you want to keep. 

Here’s a couple of things to try…

Before going to bed – put your phone on airplane mode. This will prevent calls, messages or anything else coming through to disrupt your morning. 

Get some exercise in the AM – for me, upon waking is when I usually go train. I either run, or go to the gym or do home yoga. Depending what day it is depends on what I do – but one thing is consistent. I get a workout in right away. It calms be, it focuses me and it ticks a box for a win right out the bat. 

Head downstairs and grab a pint glass of water right away – wake up, hydrate. Grab your vitamins and minerals or supplements and take them right away. This again is another small win and something you’ll feel good about doing right away. 

Commit to a book/podcast – for the 1st hour of your day commit to either a podcast or a book. Even an audiobook for 30 minutes. Learn – condition your mind and win the day. 

Go a walk – I know this is a common and easy and logical one. But it works – wake up, put your clothes on and go for a walk. You’ll get your step count up, start to burn calories and getting some good clean air in you will also work benefits. If you can do this while walking the dog and listening to an audiobook… you’re my kind of person! 

So – 5 quick simple things that we can all do that’ll help you dominate your first hour and have a better day all round.