Once this is all said and done and we’re back to normal everyday living – The real focal point will be everyone’s ability to bounce back.

This is where good mental strength, focus and discipline really kicks in.

Not only do we all have to be ready and have plans in place, we also need to pinpoint the advantages and the disadvantages.

The disadvantages are that for some people – they won’t be able to recover from this and that it will be the final thing that puts them out of their routine and ultimately to their demise in whichever field/element of their life it may be.

The advantages are – This can be your time to shine. Lockdown can be classed as a reflective jail for the time being. What have you always wanted to do but haven’t? Do you want to come out of Lockdown a completely different person than you were when you went in? Or do you want to come out with new attributes, skills, confidence and outlook for the world? Then this is the time to do it.

Not to mention – Those who you may have thought were better than you prelockdown – may be the ones who haven’t been able to bounce back after it.

And for everyone reading this blog right now – I want you to be on the advantage side.

Many people prior to this had impostor syndrome (not feeling as though you are good enough) when it came to doing certain things. And this is the time to get rid of that.

On the other side of this – Come out more confident with more ambition and more drive. This has gave us all a dummy run of what it’s like to be in a worst case scenario situation without the full metal.

And now that we’ve experienced it and survived. It’s time to bounce back.