The short answer – Yes.

Here’s why…

Now before you read this, you may be thinking “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about – How can we go back to normal with everything that’s going on etc etc etc”

Hear me out.

We as humans have gone through so much over the past 200,000 years (yes, the first homo sapiens were dated back to that time).

And throughout all that – there have been many things happened. Pandemics, Wars, Asteroids, Famines, Worldwide drought – The list goes on.

And somehow – We always manage to figure it out. We find a way – We adapt and we overcome.

That is what the human race does.

The current worldwide pandemic is just that. Something that we overcome.

In recent years we overcame the spanish flu. At the time – people would be saying “Things are never going to be the same again”… And they were.

If anything – You become more health conscious. You value your health more – Your immune system and your hygience.

Which is ultimately a good thing and something you should place great importance on anyway.

Then when it all calms down – You’ll go back to normality.

Handshakes won’t be gone. Meeting people sociably won’t be gone. Large gathering won’t be gone.

Everything will figure itself out. It always does.

If you want to live in a bubble – That is your choice.

But me – I’ll take a common sense approach. I’ll be hygenic. And I’ll go on living my life as I normally was before.

The stress and worry you bottle up in you may be worse that the thing you worried about in the first place.

Stay smart, adapt… And things will go back to normal.