This is one of your most important character traits. 

When it’s dark, it’s morning time, you realise it’s raining outside.l and you have no training partner. 

You need to do a 10km Run. 

You know that from your training diary. You know that from your weight loss goals. 

But there’s nobody there to motivate you or to bounce banter off back and forth. 

There’s you. Your headphones, your clothes and the dark rainy road ahead. 

What decision will you make? Turn around and go back to sleep? Or get out there and do it. 

I LOVE situations like that. 

Because that in front of me isn’t just asking if I can go out and complete the run. 

It’s asking what my character is made of. It’s asking if I have what it takes to deal with the harshness of the elements and still manage to thrive. 

It’s showing me that should I be able to accomplish this – that is my first win of the day in order for me to handle more and conquer other tasks that day. 

The old saying goes – If you want to have a good day, eat a frog in the morning. 

Meaning the frog is the worst part of the day, after that everything seems better. 

That goes for this too. 

What are you willing to do when nobody is watching. What can you accomplish and what do you desire to achieve to feed your intrinsic goals and motivation. 

If you only move the needle when other people are there – you’ll never get far. 

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