As we get older – We get heavier. That is for sure.

Your body starts to slow down, your metabolism starts to slow down.

And overall you gain weight.

As you train with weights over the years – You put on muscle tissue. You get stronger.

And you get heavier.

We CANNOT forget this.

I have so many people that approach me and say ‘When I was 20 I was 10 stone’ Now I’m 30 and I’m 12 stone.

Here’s the thing –

If you’ve been weight training all those years.

I could almost guarantee you that you could get to the same level of ‘Lean’ that you were then.

But you’d be heavier.

Ask yourself this – Would you rather weigh more and look the way you wanted OR be lighter and not be happy with how you look.

If you answered the first one – Then we’re on the same page.

Difference is – Now, you’re stronger – Fitter – Have more muscle tone and you’re in a better position than before. You. Are. Healther.

So does it really matter if you’re heavier? Yet you’re as lean as you were before you started lifting weights?

I don’t think so.

Keep your eye on the mirror. Keep your eye on your body. And don’t mind the scale too much.

Yes, It’s good to know the number.

But it’s not the be all and end all…