Only 3 weeks to go! I sound like I’m looking forward to finishing my experiment, but the truth is, I actually find it pretty comfortable and will probably follow similar principles for the foreseeable future. I have made a few tweaks this week in order to get a simple, easy-to-follow plan together for anyone else looking to embark on their own Feast/Fast journey in the future. These changes include –

  • Keeping eating very similar from day to day – with the only change being the addition of a large ‘conventional’ meal or dinner in the evening of weight training days, to allow a routine to be easily settled into.

  • Training has been simplified too – do these exercises and activities, all in one week, and then do them again the next week – using a checklist to easily track completion (all of this will become clearer when I release my complete plan at the end of the experiment).

  • My complete plan will also include my tips on supplementation. I don’t normally bother too much about sports or health supplements, but there is a few I’ve found to be helpful for energy, recovery and overall health. I will include these in the plan.

Finally, the complete plan will include a full weekly training and nutrition checklist, that you will be able to print off each week in order for you to easily stay on track with your training goals, and making your transformation effortless.

Much love,

MB x

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