How the weather effects us

Your passion is fuel, Your motivation is fire – Don’t let the rain douse that burning desire.

The weather has a major effect on our mood, our habits, our motivation – Our lives.

Especially, If you stay in a place where it will rain & rain & rain & then… Yes, I think you guessed it.

With that in mind, there isn’t much that can really be done about the rain. Can we as humans dictate the weather ? That question is rhetorical.

We do though have to still go about our lives with the rain and bad weather, we do have to adjust and alter what we may have planned, we do have to take into consideration certain factors.

But also… We also still have to get things done.

It’s very easy to pull back that curtain, look out the window and see nothing but dark sky ahead.

Even easier to roll back over into bed and put off plans you had for a few hours due to the rain.

The part that is deemed to be “Hard” is –

Looking out and seeing that sky, seeing those clouds, seeing that rain and still getting on with your day.

That is what is deemed to be hard ? That is where gratification comes from. That is where you are able to really progress.

Whether you take one approach or another.

Just realise that that is how the weather effects us.

Don’t let it be the dictator

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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