And just like that – We enter a world of madness!

Friday 20th of March 2020. The forced closure of gyms in the UK.

The first time this has ever happened in the industry.

And we could not believe it.

But for some reason – It was back to logical thinking as soon as it was announced.

I thought, Okay, How can we adapt from this and overcome.

What can we do and what can we change to ensure that we’re good for this in the time being.

So – As we always do. We planned on how we can come out the other side stronger.

It’s a very daunting time. For everyone, for every business, for everyone with a job. For the full of the UK.

But for some reason I didn’t feel too worried. I’ve no idea why.

We put out social media statuses to our members regarding the closure. And we received tons of messages, comments of support – People wanting to stay on with us through our online platform and continue to support us throughout.

It is unbelievable – it is wild, How much of a community SGF Gym really is. Never in my wildest days did I think we would become so much of a fabric of the current local that people would love and support us so much.

In times of uncertainty and times of not knowing if the world is going to end or not. It truly does just come down to the people you connect with and the people who are part of your life. And you can never truly appreciate what that sentence means until you have been through a situation like that.

This has changed me for who I am.

And I will never forget the support we have received from each and every single person.