e all want that perfect body, and we all want it now! But the reality is, and we all deep down know this, that it takes time and a helluva lot of effort to attain this dream physique. We also spend time on creating a training routine that we believe will help us achieve these goals, or put our trust in someone else to create a programme to help us with these goals. The point of this blog is to encourage you to give your programme and diet regime time to take effect. If the programme is designed to help you lose body fat and is well thought out and structured, then the chances are it is going to help you lose body fat – as long as you stick to it consistently.

And this is where doubt creeps in. When you are not seeing instant results, it is easy to assume that this programme isn’t working for you and a change is required. Which can easily turn into an endless cycle of changing training and regimes on a week by week basis and you getting fed up by the lack of results. Don’t let yourself become one of these trainers, forever seeking that quick fix and easy route to that perfect body, because you will never attain it – because all of these bodies you see and aspire to look like are built through steady, intense training and an almost impeccable diet regime over a long period of time.

And that’s the key right there – time. Train right, eat right over a long period of time and you WILL achieve your goals. Give that training routine time to build or sculpt or improve your body in any which way you want it to, and it will reward you with the results you are looking for. Getting anxious and unsettled with every training regime you are doing and subsequently jumping between different methods, training splits, exercises etc. is going to get you nowhere fast because you are giving yourself no time to track your progress, therefore you feel like you are making no progress. Training then becomes a huge chore and burden in your life instead of something which enriches and motivates you to push further and harder to achieve your dream goals.

Give your training time, give yourself time, and soon you will become best friends!

Martin Barrett

Smokin’ Guns Fitness