Training in this weather is a real hard task. When it comes to overly sunny days like today, one of the main things to keep in mind is… Hydration.

  • Keep you cool

  • Keep you hydrated

  • Allow your body to keep going

  • Allow your muscles to work the best of their ability

  • Stop your body from overheating and coming up against exhaustion


The body is continually trying to cool itself throughout the day without doing anything on days where the temperature is in excess let alone when you are putting it through the physical stress of training.



How To Cope


Allow for longer rests between sets if you feel dizzy or light headed, especially with intense cardio or heavy compound movements.

Keep a water bottle around you at all times and make sure to consume water when needed all throughout your workout.

Always make sure to have a spotter with you when going to failure on exercises in extreme heat.

When jogging if you feel as though you are becoming faint or dizzy – STOP.

Make sure that you cool down post training.

All of these points outlined above should be kept in mind when training in the heat. Although some good points are that you are less likely to accrue an injury due to not being warmed up properly. Yes, you still need warm up sets when resistance training to get the body into a sense of function but your muscles are less susceptible to injury during times of heat.

And for those that enjoy the heat sometimes feel at though they get a better workout when training in temperatures above average.

Regardless of which side of the fence you may be on, you can still push yourself very hard in training, just be mindful that the temperature can cause an affect towards it.


Stay hydrated,


Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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