Whether you like it or not training to benefit your immune system is something you have to do. Quite simply – If you want to have less chance of having colds, diseases, flus etc be extremely impactful to your body and your health. Then train. If you want to have less chance of having heart attacks, strokes, any other form of mortality prematurely. Then train.

As we are currently in a worldwide pandemic – We need to understand the importance of health and exercise to help us survive.

If we are fitter and healthier – We have a better chance of recovery should we catch anything.

Think of this – If you’ve got a car and you fill it with the wrong fuel all the time, never service it – Don’t maintain it. Would you be surprised if it broke down?

Probably not.

Therefore – If you do the same to your body – you shouldn’t be surprised if it does the same.

I really do hope that once the world is back to normal – We have a better understanding and a greater importance on how vital our health is and why we need to maintain it in order to be in the best possible position should something like this ever happen again.

Health is a choice – If you decide you make it a priority and take care of it, you’ll do well.

If you don’t – You won’t

It’s your choice,