Before we begin – Please note that this blog is specifically designed to give you MY OPINION of my relationship with training and food. Your goals, experience a body types may differ.

Okay, So as it stands in 2020.

Here are a couple of points of where I am with eating and training.

Pre and probably post lockdown. I enjoy food.

I enjoy the process of going out to restaurants, I enjoy the ability of ordering food in, I enjoy trying new foods, meeting up with friends and family and socialising over food.

Bascially – A lot of what I enjoy has food attached to it.

Also – I LOVE training. I love getting stronger, fitter, more athletic, more mobile, I love the act of training and I love pushing myself both physically and mentally.

Now for me – Why does it have to be one or the other. Why are we always torn between eating less and training more.

Of course – If your goal is to get leaner then you need to eat less.

BUT – If your goal is to love training – Be fit and healthy and also enjoy your life by going out to restaurants and spending time with friend – Then enjoy doing that. And keep enjoy doing that.

Over the years I’ve dieted down to 3% bodyfat several times to stand on a bodybuilding stage and on the flip side I’ve then also bulked up to 18 stone for powerlifitng competitions. I’ve been lean and I’ve been fat.

And right now – I’m 15 and a half stone of just happy being me. I train well – I love it. And I’m not scared to go out and have a meal at a restaurant without being told how many grams of sodium it contains.

  1. Am. Happy.

This may just be (pun intended) food for thought for a lot of you.

Are you in my position? Do you love going to the gym and training but you also love food? It is okay.

Maybe in the future my goals will change and I will steer a different direction.

But for now – I’m enjoying what I do!