Here’s a wild concept….

Imagine you were told you had to track and trace food you consume. Imagine you were told that everything you eat and drink has to be tracked and every restaurant or bar you go to has to be traced. 

What would your yearly T&T log look like? 

Would you be proud or would you be hiding? 

With the coronavirus. There’s a track and trace system in order to save your health. 

Food intake is a direct correlation of your level of health. 

Coronavirus can kill people. 

Heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, cancer and other kill people. All with a correlation to the food we eat. 

Coronavirus puts a strain on the NHS. 

Obesity puts a MASSIVE strain on the NHS every year. And doesn’t have waves. It’s a constant. 

So after all – my version of track and trace may not seem too extreme when you look at the similarities. 

Is there certain social aspects to factor in etc etc etc. Of course. 

But in the perfect world. When you go visit your doctor or you end up in hospital for something – if they could have a print out of everything you’ve ate and drank for the past 5 years. Things would be very different. 

What are you consuming?