There is no one size fits all…

From Day 1 at SGF Gym this has always been the case.

Here’s an example.

As I type this blog out to you just now it’s 5:15pm on Tuesday evening.

I’ve already ran 10 mile today, I’ve did a home weighted heavy workout. I’ve carried out a day’s full of work.

And I have ate absolutely nothing at all since around 9pm last night.

BUT, BUT, Haven’t you passed out? Haven’t you died? How did you managed to perform on your workouts?


Because my body and brain are used to this…

This is my lifestyle. I train fasted, I work fasted, I have 1 or 2 big meals a day hitting all my calorie and macro goals. And I’m able to progress, lose weight and get fitter.

If a one size fits all approach worked – Then it wouldn’t work on me.

Therefore we’ve understood that every single person that comes into SGF Gym is an individual.

With different working circumstances, different home lives, different food tolerances and intolerances and different biomechanics/injuries and such for programming exercise and workouts to.

We take into account what your current goals are, what your current experience is and ultimately what we can do for you in order to get you there.

Many places over the years have tried a ‘One size fits all’ approach and gotten nowhere.

We’ve had many people steal our methods, training plans and diet plans to use them as their own. To us it’s flattering but to them they must know what they have done before quite simply just did not work.

With hundreds of transformations over the year and results, progress and community like no other – It’s been an obvious choice for people throughout the years to come to us for a personalised approach.

And we look forward to continually delivering that high standard in 2021 and beyond!

Are you looking for something like the above?

Simply pop us a message and we’ll be happy to have a chat 🙂