As it stands here we are in January 2021. And it seems the war on health is very much so in our faces once again.

Yes – We need to social distance, Yes – we need to keep our hands sanitised and washed. Yes – we need to minmise contact with the elderly and vulnerable and wear masks.


Where is the daily discussions on health?

By being fit and healthy – You have way better chances of recovering from diseases, recovering from any form on attack on your bodies immune system.

All by being fit and healthy.

But I don’t seem to see the government guidance on health?, the daily breifings and everything else put out on our Tvs doesn’t discuss health in anyway.

I’m waiting for the guidance on –


Vitamins and minerals



Water intake

But to name a few.

But for some reason… I don’t see this?

Very very strange.

I would imagine that the government and all other bodies should be publicising guidance on what you should do to keep yourself in the best possible position of health to avoid being struck down by the virus that’s going around.

But they aren’t.

So for those currently reading this.

Keep exercising daily.

Keep drinking plenty of water

Keep your food intake healthy, fresh and correct

Keep taking your vitamins and minerals

Keep your mental health and well being on point.

The war on health continues…