The age old debate – Should you run with headphones on or not…

Here’s my opinion – 100% YES.

I am a HUGE fan of running with an audiobook playing in my headphones. For a couple of reasons.

  1. It makes you forget you are running. The fact that you are taking in content – Makes you focus more on your brain than your legs.
  2. I’m able to learn and be productive as I get a workout in. Running doesn’t require any great though – So I’m able to take things in and get smarter as I get fitter. A win-win.
  3. There are far less distractions available than if I was in the house trying to read a book.

BUT – Audiobooks are all good and well.

The thing is though – Sometimes the monotony of talking can really start to slow you down and mess you up.

This is where music comes into focus – Having music playing is a BIG motivator to get you running faster and in tune with the beat.

It’s best to construct a playlist first and foremost as it can be a pain fiddling with your apps when you’re running.

But once set up – You are good to go.

For me – Either rock music or dance music are the go to tracks. Both high temp, consistent and really get you going.

For you – It could be anything.

But there truly is nothing better than being ¾ of the way through your run, with good music playing, the sun shining (even better in winter) and just being free to go where you please.


So – If you’ve thought of running?

Take some headphones.