Are you setting your fitness goals for the start of the year?

Here’s what you should do.

Go online

Go to an event page –

  • A race
  • A competition
  • A fitness event
  • A weight loss challenge

Whatever it may be, and enter it.

Why? Because when you do that, you bestow the law of urgency upon yourself (Yip, I said bestow)

Here’s what I do.

Every year – At the beginning on Januaryn 1st-3rd. I head online, I look at what’s available to participate in. And I sign up for it.

Remember when you were a kid in school and you had an exam on a certain month and date. Well that month and date never changed – it stayed the same. You knew it was coming.

But you didn’t study.

It got closer – Then you thought, Wait a minute, I need to do something here.

So you began to study, crammed it all in, did what you had to do, FOUND time, FOUND motivation. Took the test, And somehow you passed it.

It’s happened to us all, doesn’t matter how smart or not so smart you may be – We all do it.

Now it’s the same with fitness.

If you’ve set that date, you’ve created that urgency.

The date isn’t going to change – But it pushes you to make a conscious effort.

I usually go for 3 events per year, Usually 3 months apart.

Let’s say in a perfect world –




That gives me a good 3 month push each time to get myself in physical shape for the contest/event. So the next time you’re thinking about what your goal is or if you need to lose weight or gain fitness.

First things first. – Go and sign up to an event.

Your means of motivation will be pushed 10 fold.