A big factor when it comes to physical exercise & people pushing themselves is the fear of failure. That is, the fear of exerting yourself to the point that you cannot push any more.


The only place in life where failure is perceived as a good thing is in the gym.


Remember that, failure is great in the gym. Embrace failure, work towards failure. A comfort zone is a horrible, horrible thing. It’s something that you definitely don’t want to ever end up in.

Once you become comfortable in the gym, you STOP PROGRESSING. I have been resistance training for well over 10 years now, and there’s not a day that I walk in the gym & think, okay, this is going to be easy. Not a day goes by where I stop short of failure, not a day goes by where at the end of the set I’m really giving it my all because I know that it’s me against the bar.

THAT is the reason why I continue to progress, THAT is the reason why every workout is a new challenge and remains interesting, interesting in the fact that I know once I leave there I have PROGRESSED just that little bit more. I know that when I leave the gym, I am leaving doing something that I have never done, I am leaving knowing that I have pushed myself to a new level or really ‘evolved’ from what I may have been like before I got there.

I’m fully aware that I COULD go to the gym, enjoy myself & not really push myself too much, I know that I COULD do that for years on end and be happy, but my physique & fitness levels would stay the exact same.

But that’s not what I want. I’m happy when I’m out my comfort zone. That’s when I’m happiest. I’m happy of the uncertainty of ‘Will I make it through this set or will I get my desired 8 reps.

YOU should be happy when you are pushing yourself. YOU should JUST be able to get those last couple of reps of a working set or should be drenched in sweat once you come off that treadmill.

The only way to harness results is to push your body to new limits.


Don’t be afraid of failure… Embrace it.

Andrew McGee


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