The empire of your mind can truly be a fascinating one… I mean, it can literally be anything you want. In reality you can be kicked out on the street but in your mind – Empire of the world. Delusional ? To some. The question being, is it really a delusion if you begin to act upon it ? Or is it actually a blueprint inside your head you are creating towards your staircase to success. For me, Inspiration comes at the most random times, as if someone is providing me with it rather than attaining it myself. I believe that madness and excellence are next door neighbors, often mistaken for one another yet used in the correct way can unlock a whole new story to your life.

In order to be great you must have a sense of delusion, you need to believe that you are different than pretty much 99% of the people around you. The 99% are “Comfortable”, You are not. Therefore you need to believe that your future can be different, that it’s not dictated by your environment but more so through the story you have created so far, through the struggles and hardships you’ve encountered till now. The failures, the losses and the rejection that has been put in your way thus far all ignite and keep the fire of desire burning. That is if you don’t give up… Because really what you would be doing is giving in, giving in and accepting that you will amount to nothing more than “average”.

That, is something I know that you are not willing to do, if you truly believe in yourself, you will never quit, never stop, never be disheartened. You’ll watch people fade away and you will keep on going, watch people try and talk you out of it but you will keep on going. You’ll encounter hurdles that will bring you to your knees when you can’t ever imagine it getting any worse…

Hurdles are called just that for a reason… You get over them.

The empire of your mind is the fortress of all your reality. Everything you do is dictated with your mind. Make sure yours is a strong well protected castle and not a flimsy shack willing to fall at the slightest sense of struggle.

Never say never, because limits, like fears are often just an illusion…

Andrew McGee,