One of the big questions is, When is the best time to do some form of exercise ?

The answer… Now. Anytime. Daytime, Night time.

When it comes to exercising and performing at your best, it’s all down to the individual.

If you are weight training then the best time to exercise may be after you have consumed a few meals, this will allow you to have more energy throughout your workout and will allow you to life more weight. Ergo – More of a beneficial workout.

If you are performing solely cardiovascular work then the optimal time to workout would be for most on an empty stomach in the morning, a fasted state. As by doing this you are able to burn a larger amount of calories throughout the workout.

Overall though, the best time to workout would be right now.

Don’t worry to much or read into specific times to workout, think more about actually getting there and performing some form of physical activity first and foremost, this will allow you to get into the habit of training and your body will thank you for it.

The first few times you may walk into a gym it may seem as though the exercises are almost killing you and for the next few days your body will feel sore although this should be your motivation to strengthen the body.

The body isn’t used to working specific muscle groups initially but over time it becomes accustom to do so and therefore adapts and becomes stronger.

Once you tap into that and allow yourself to take it to the next level… You will be hooked.


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