The best time to get started.  The best time to get started is 10 years ago. The second best time is now. 

That is true for oh so many things. But none truer than for fitness. 
When it comes to health – we all want to be healthy. 
We know what we should do, we know why to do it and we know the benefit that it has. 
The only thing we don’t want to know – is when to start. 
Next week, I’ll start on Monday, I’ve too much on just now, I’m working a lot (my favourite excuse), I don’t have anyone to watch the kids etc etc etc. 
Are all – excuses. 
Simply they are just that. 

If the government approached you and told you that you HAD to exercise or you would be fined/jailed. Guess what – you’d find a way. 
All your BS excuses would go out the window and you’d fine time, find a babysitter, find a way. 
It really is that simple. 

So as the title suggests – when is the best time to get started with your fitness? When is the best time to join a gym, to go walking, to start running. 
Not next week, not tomorrow, not after your busy season. It’s now. 
Start exercising before you’re forced to exercise.