As the title states – The basics really do work.

At this current stage – We are all stripped back to our bare basics.

At least until July.

Thing is though – The time we are in just now is completely vital for us to keep active and keep moving.

We have –



Some dumbbells

Some kettlebells

Some mats

Improvised tools

What we cannot forget is that we can still, walk, run, push, pull, row and hold.

Do we have our fancy smith machines, assault bikes and all the other kit that right now is a luxury?


But what we do have is all the above mentioned.


We have a huge incentive right now to stay fit and healthy and keep our bodies and immune systems in shape.

As it stands – If you get 3 workouts in per week, You’re in a better position than 90% of the UK right now for exercise.

If you can get 10,000 steps in 4 times per week – The same applies.

The more you can move throughout the day – The more you’ll benefit your respiratory system, your cardiovascular system and a number of other organs.

Exercise is that important right now that everytime the government have announced anything – They mention exercise.

If that’s not telling then I don’t know what is.

You make sure that you social distance, you make sure that you’re maintaing good hygiene.

Lets make sure you’re taking care of your body too.