So – I’ve seen people come and go through the past 8 years at the gym.

I’ve seen people super enthusiastic very excited to start their new programme and going nuts… For a small period of time.

Then they fall off.

Stop coming.

Lose motivation.

Go back to inactivity and eating crap again.

These are the people that join the gym and go everyday for 30 days in a row (regardless of what we advise)

Here’s a great idea. And the most successful one you can pick if you want sustainable health and fitness.

Instead of 30 sessions over 30 days.

Slow that down.

30 sessions of 10 weeks is a far better protocol.

3 times a week is PLENTY when it comes to training. Especially as a beginner

You will get way better results, have set yourself up habits to follow and have a far better relationship with the gym and with physical activity if you do it this way.

And the person that you’ve just seen go nuts for a month and tell you how it’s their 20th session this month so far?

You’ll not see them 4 weeks later because they’ll have burnt out.

And you’ll have set yourself up for success with a far more sustainable routine and lifestyle.

Remember, This game is a marathon – Not a sprint.

Lifetime fitness and sustainable fitness are the goals here.

In this case – The turtoise wins the race.