Which protein is right for me ?

One thing that many people ask me time and time again is – Which protein should I take ?

Which supplement should I incorporate into my life to enable me to get to a level that I’ve never been at before as far as training goes.

Well, to be honest. Let’s look at another few things first and foremost.


The world supplement – Something that completes or enhances something when added to it.

That is the standard definition.

Now, A supplement should do just that. Be added ADDITIONALLY into what you are already doing. This is basically a good balanced, healthy, structured and specified diet. Supplements can be added to this to help you get to that next level.

But, with that being said, they should not fully replace a meal. Never.

Yes, you do get ‘Meal replacements’ but the best thing for you to do by far is get a hold of a whole food. A whole food with a wide variation of amino acids for your body to break down, meatbolise  and use effectively.

A lot of the supplements that you have going around out there can be filled with anything, the wrong type of carbohydrates, sugars, a MASSIVE calorie push to make you think that you are going to gain good size from consuming it or better yet – The latest sports clubs head guy standing in great shape holding a shake ?

We’ve all seen it.

The next time you think about going out and stocking up on a whole lot of supplements leaving your kitchen looking as if they ‘Whey Fairy’ visited over night… Stop for a minute and think, Do I really need this ?

Stay smart,

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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