That’s something important to remember.

I was watching a documentary the other day on happiness.

There were two different types of people – One who subscribed to minamilism and one that went the capitalism route.

The documentary followed both parties for around 5 years – In which it showcased journal entries, life events, highs and lows and milestone for both people.

The one thing that kept ringing through both of their circumstances was ‘Am I happy – Am I doing enough’ etc etc.

Here’s the takeaway from it –

Being happy isn’t a destination – It’s a journey.

Not everyone is happy all the time. Not everyone is sad all the time.

Some days are great – and some aren’t.

I speak to a lot of people that say I’m a positive and happy guy. Which I believe and agree with.

But my expectations aren’t to be happy everyday. My expectations aren’t to not deal with shit at times and be handed unfair cards.

My expectations are that –

Sometimes life will be good to me, other times it will be harsh to me and I accept both.

Sometimes I will get luck on my side and other times I will be treated unfairly. I accept both.

Things that make me happy now – may not make me happy tomorrow. I accept both.

The only real consistent is the ability to handle it all as it comes.

When happiness comes my way, I appreciate it and accept it as good. I’m thankful for that time.

When bad things come my way, I handle them the best way I can and know that they will pass in which happiness will be there some day again.

My message to you is that the pursuit of happiness is a lonely trail if you’re expecting to arrive at a destination that blows your socks off.

Appreciate both ends as they happen and understand it’s a journey.

I promise you – you’ll live a better life this way.