Life seems to be getting harder and harder, with uncertainty in the future it’s hard to stay focused….

The end goal is there, it’s prominent, I can see it, I can taste it, I can nearly touch it. But it’s not there.

Nearly isn’t good enough right now. It’s not completely certain, not in a physical form. Only in a strong inclination of my mind. Only a strong belief or a strong faith… Like a god some might say ?

Whatever it is, I know it’s kicking my ass a bit. Anxious, apprehensive, scared are just a few words to describe the feelings it brings.

As the clock ticks bit by bit, second by second, the days go past quicker, morning to night, to week, to month. The same questions asked over again with the same answers given. The warmer you feel as you realize a feeling of helplessness. A feeling that has you at affect rather than taking action.

You’ve taken all the action possible, haven’t you ? You’ve went over the business plan with a fine tooth comb, the numbers are right. You’ve memorised them, you’ve thought of every possible scenario that could change with them. You’ve provided additional resources, you’ve networked, you’ve outsourced.


Yet… Still no product. Your apprehension and anxiety are battling each other in your head while you try and monitor you’re heart rate and talk yourself into thinking that it’s not bothering you, that stress is something that you are not facing right now. Not at this stages, No. The beginning ? Really ? It’s like this just now. Wow.

You contemplate doing something else, you watch the cashflow go down, you begin to cut back… drastically. You start making excuses to those around you of why you can’t do things for certain reasons. You see the digits go down, you see the prices go up.

You search the internet for ways to make money. Someway. ANYWAY. You put passion to the side and are willing to work in any crappy job, doing anything, that you will hate, for money, some money. Any money ! Money that will put you back up a little in the fund department, you look for ideal hours that can fit around your current obligations for business.




Everything that comes with it. You try to accommodate that also.

And then you STOP.


No really, wait.

I’m back in the rat race, aren’t I ?

Isn’t this what I left ?

Isn’t this the same thing I was doing for years, before I had the epiphany and courage to do my own thing, Be my own boss and be FREE TO THE WORLD !!

Yes ? Then what the F*** am I doing falling back into the trap again …

Let’s take away the FEAR for a moment, because that’s what it really is getting to you overall…

So let’s take that away. Don’t worry about the funds for a moment.

Put your head back into what you are doing. Look at the grand picture. And start working towards what it is you really want to do again.

F*** Fear.

Andrew McGee


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