We all have pain don’t we ? Although most of us keep it bottled up inside and don’t let it surface, that’s cool . But not always right.
Maybe your pain keeps you up at night crying yourself to sleep, unable to close your eyes without tears streaming down your face. Watching that clock tick while you lay on your side chocked up with a pool of tears.


The next morning, you put on that brave face, “Nobody can see me feel this way, nobody can see me break down. How would it affect my image ? How would people being to perceive me ?”

These are all questions we ask ourselves at a time of “weakness”. Do you think you are the only person that has ever felt that way ? You are definitely not alone, you probably won’t hear your friends or work colleagues make it public because it is deemed as taboo, socially unacceptable… A BIG deal.

I’m here to tell you that it is okay to feel down, it is okay to cry. We all do it. If you’re a guy and you are putting on this front of men not crying because they are big tough and strong… Go ahead, live your life like that. See how long it takes before the floodgates come crashing down.

We all know, deep down. Mental pain is far superior than physical pain. Although we might shrug it off, really, we know.

Nothing is ever too small when it comes to feeling emotional, If your job is literally destroying your soul, you’ve lost a family member, a pet. You feel a burden of financial terror weigh over you day after day, whatever it is… It’s okay to feel down, it’s okay to cry.
But I’ll tell you something – Cry for something. If you’re crying and you’re hurt. Get something out of it. Don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going…

Your true character and the REAL YOU comes out in times of hardship. You’re already hurt, you’re already hurt… keep going.

That inner fire will keep burning and you will want to get out of the situation, nothing lasts forever whether it be a day, a month, a year. Whatever it may be… No hard times last forever. Two quotes stand true to me that I think of when I’m feeling that way…

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do”

“If you feel as though you are going through hell… Keep going”

Trust me, it will get easier.
Stay strong,

Andrew McGee


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